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STEP 1 – Fill out Cal-X 5 minute NEED FUNDS application and complete profile on www.gust.com and then click send invitation to view to Cal-X.

STEP 2 – Complete Cal-X EquityNet Business Plan Analysis and get your probability of survival score. Cal-X will send to you a customized step by step business development and a Cal-X 5 year funding road map plan.

* If your Cal-X EquityNet probability of survival score is under 50% we enroll you into our mentoring program through a network of incubators and software tools. All applicants are directed to the Cal-X Zimplemoney program to complete a friends and family round of financing.

STEP 3 – When your Cal-X EquityNet probability of survival score is over 50% we will list you into our Cal-X Crowdfunding for Serious Start-ups platform which includes access to microlicensing and microloans as well as over 35 other financing tools.

Step 4 – When your Cal-X probability of survival score exceeds 70% you will qualify to be listed on The California Stock Exchange when SEC registered or another public stock exchange with Cal-X affiliates assistance. You will also quality for Cal-X published after market research reports to help support your stock.


Step 1 – Fill out Cal-X startup backers interested to invest time, money or resources application. Let us know your risk tolerance and your specific interests in helping startups and what type of companies you are most interested in backing. Help us establish if you are a non-accredited angel investor, California Qualification by Permit investor, sophisticated investor or accredited investor. Let us know if you can provide mentorship support or other resources to start-ups.

Step 2 – Cal-X sends to you three startup matches a week for you to consider backing based on your application. All applicable SEC and state regulations must be followed.

Step 3 – Backers receive invitations to meet in person entrepreneurs, that meet your criteria for interest in backing, in person at a local Cal-X chapter meeting.


Cal-X helps entrepreneurs with a simple format – They fill out an application and we come back to them with a 5 year nurturing, mentoring and funding road map the leads at the end in a successful listing on the new California Stock Exchange.

Cal-X helps investors by reducing risk by only listing firms that have received proper business planning and execution support and have a high Cal-X EquityNet probability of survival score. The patented Cal-X EquityNet software has 52 key indicator numerical inputs, including the Klout score now of every executive, which helps determine the probability of survival score. If you have seen the movie Moneyball about utilizing stats to choose the best value baseball players to achieve the most wins this is the same method but for valuing companies. We help companies by mentoring them until they get a high enough probability of survival score to get listed first on our crowdfunding site and later on The California Stock Exchange.

• Cal-X is planning to start a large marketing campaign asking everyone in the country to invest $25 a week in a local startup.
• Cal-X is registering with the SEC to become a third major exchange in the USA focusing on smaller businesses.
• Cal-X plans to arrange around the nation local investing meetings encouraging people to mentor and invest in businesses in their communities.
• Cal-X unlike other stock exchanges and crowdfunding sites has a nurturing system linked with a network of incubators and support organizations.
• Cal-X and the Entrepreneurship Party will continue to lobby for the entire Startup Legislative Agenda proposed by the StartUp America Partnership and the President’s Jobs Council.
• Cal-X and the E Party are lobbying for legislation that will allow foreigners to earn a quicker place in line for Visas if they invest in job creating U.S. companies. We also seek incentives for U.S. firms and individuals that have money stored in off shore tax havens to bring that money back to invest in start ups and growing businesses.


For Entrepreneurs

* We create a customized funding road map for companies. – Click Here
* We nurture companies through multiple stages of development. – Click Here

Cal-X specific services list…
* Puts your company on the map. – Click Here
* Help with friends and family round financing round. – Click Here
* Find a local business incubator or mentor. – Click Here
* Crowdfunding tools to raise up to $2 million. – Click Here
Register your Private Placement Memorandum or Alternative Crowdfunding Plan with ..





A comprehensive business toolbox full of resources that

entrepreneurs want to help them plan and implement their business ideas




Cal-X Endorsed Crowdfunding Portal for Raising Funds for Social Causes (non-equity)



Crowdfunding for Political Causes


* Help form your LLC or corporation. – Click Here
* Help with filing and developing patents. – Click Here
* SBA Loan Assistance. – Click Here
* Help with Trade shows and exhibits. – Click Here
* Help with web site design. – Click Here
* Help with creating a venture pitch. – Click Here
* Accelerate Startup growth with online influence. – Click Here
* Help with creating a business plan. – Click Here
* Help with optimizing a business plan. – Click Here
* Help with peer group analysis. – Click Here
* Help with bench marking. – Click Here
* Help with creating a PitchTV ad on Virgin Airlines. – Click Here
* Help with pre-selling territory licenses for new products. – Click Here
* Help with pre-selling future products to finance development. – Click Here
* Help with microloans and peer to peer lending. – Click Here
* Help with financing receivables. – Click Here
* Help with financing exports. – Click Here
* Help setting up a cooperative. – Click Here
* Help with confidential private placement legal documents. – Click Here
* Secure web based tools for managing private placements of stock. – Click Here
* Help with California Qualification by Permit Offering of up to $5 million = The investor (including any spouse) must have, exclusive of homes, home furnishings and cars, either: (1) a minimum net worth of at least $75,000 and minimum gross income of $50,000 during the last tax year and (based on a good faith estimate) minimum gross income of $50,000 during the current tax year, or (2) in the alternative, a minimum net worth of $150,000. In either case, the investment cannot exceed 10 percent of the net worth of the investor. – Click Here
* Help with California Capital Access Pool Program. – Click Here Download Brochure – Here
* Help with online confidential private placement to accredited investors only. – Click here
* Help with funding a new computer app by microlicensing. – Click Here
* Help finding angel investors. – Click Here
* Shareable company profile for investors. – Click Here
* Collaborative online workspace with mentors. – Click Here
* Venture firm locator. – Click Here
* Form a Capital Pool Company for making acquisitions. – Click Here
* Sell or buy restricted private company stock. – Click Here
* Complete a direct registered public offering. – Click Here
* Complete a standard healthcare IPO. – Click Here
* Complete a standard IPO. – Click Here
* Dutch Auction type open IPO. – Click Here
* Complete a PIPE financing – Private Investment in Public Entity. – Click Here
* We organize local meetings to meet potential mentors, business partners, potential vendors and investors.
* We drive potential investor traffic to our site with a strong PR and advertising campaign.
* We consolidate many useful tools into one easy to use site.
* We have the single application option which allows you to fill out only one application and get listed on over 35 different platforms – Click Here
* We organize sustainable community partnership banks founded by local entrepreneurs for local entrepreneurs with our partner Unified Field Corporation – Click Here
* We help firms finance their exports – Click Here

* We coach and mentor entrepreneurs on improving their pitch for their company and products – Click Here

* We help construct a term sheet for closing financial transactions – Click Here

For Investors

Cal-X Endorsed Loyal3 Program to buy stocks in public companies


Cal-X Endorsed Social Media Sentiment Trending Fund

* We provide patented EquityNet probability of survival score ranking to attempt to reduce investor risk (like how the A’s baseball team ala Moneyball Billy Beane used statistics to reduce risk).
* We screen endorsing investor mentors for each company before listing.
* We organize local forums for you to meet entrepreneurs in person. – Click Here
* Our policy to only accept firms with a social good purpose provides a “feel good” site for investors.
* We ensure listed companies have tools and mentorship to increase their chance of survival.
* IPO Calendar
* We are only crowdfunding site we know of that is duly registering with SEC to become a true stock exchange.
* Peer to peer lending opportunities. – Click Here
* Leader in early stage microlicensing opportunities. – Click Here

Cal-X Crowdfund Rules Summary Review as of February 2012

Current Rules

  • Only available to pre-qualified accredited investors via secured password protected sites such as MicroVentures and Gust.com.
  • Intermediaries must be registered broker-dealers such as MicroVentures.
  • Sites like Caplinked may be used only for organizing documents as an electronic due diligence room. All SEC rules must be followed regarding the offerings associated with the information. The issuer is responsible for meeting this regulations.
  • Limited to substantial pre-existing relationships.
  • No general solicitation.
  • Offerings have to be filed with the SEC and state agencies and must meet all requirements.
  • Limited to raising $5 million annually with appropriate filings with SEC and state regulators.
  • No more than 499 shareholders or $10 million in assets before having to register as public.


Expected Crowdfunding Basic Rules When Pending Bills Become Law

  • Offerings limited to $1 million and will likely require audited financial statements.
  • Low income < $50,000 annual income investors limited to $500 per investment with overall cap $2000.
  • Medium income >$50,000 <$100,000 annual income investors limited to $1000 with overall cap $4000.
  • High income >$100,000 annual income investors limted to $2000 with overall cap $8000.
  • Crowdfunding portal must be registered with the SEC and the state.
  • Issuer must be incorporated.
  • Crowdfunding portal must be open and accessible to public with public communication capability.
  • Issue and portal must publish on portal site this information..
  1. Description of business and business plan.
  2. Purpose and intended use of offering.
  3. Ownership, capital structure.
  4. How the securities being offering are being valued.
  5. The rights of the securities and how the rights may be exercised.
  • Crowdfund portal must provide educational materials to investors.
  • Under $500,000 offerings require reviewed financial statements.
  • Over $500,000 offerings require audited financial statements.
  • The highly risky nature of investing in startups must be made clear to potential investors. They must be warned of high chance to lose all their investment.
  • Investors must be warned of the illiquidity of their investment.
  • Shares cannot be sold for two years and even then only to other accredited investors following SEC rules (unless the company later files as a public company).
  • Shares are restricted and investors must be warned of what restrictions mean to them.
  • Crowdfund portals must take reasonable measures to reduce risk of fraud.
  • Crowdfund portal must provide SEC with full disclosure of information on all it’s officers, employees and over 20% shareholders.
  • SEC will have full investor level access to Crowdfund portal and to issuer websites.
  • The target offerings amount and deadline must be published with regular progress updates. No funds can be transferred to issuer from 3rd party funds custodian until 100% of target has been reached.
  • Investors can cancel their commitments at anytime up to the full target being reached.
  • Crowdfund portal must run background checks on principals of issuer.
  • Crowdfund portal and issuer must provide pre-offering notice to the SEC.
  • Crowdfund portal and issuer must provide SEC with notice of completion of offering.
  • SEC and investors must receive quarterly financial reports from the company.
  • Cash management is outsourced to a registered depository institution custodian (not handled by Crowdfund portal).
  • Crowfund portal is required to maintain books and records of all transactions fully up to date and ready for SEC audit without prior notice.
  • Crowdfund portal is required to make available on its website a method of communication that permits issuer and investors to communicate with one another.
  • Crowfund portal cannot provide investment advice or recommendations.
  • Investors must certify in writing their annual income and these records must be maintained by the Crowdfund portal and issuer.
  • Shares purchased cannot be resold for two years. Certain exemptions will exist for resale to accredited investors as part of an offering registered with the SEC.
  • Bad actors as qualified by Dodd-Frank Sec. 926 cannot participate as an issuer, investor, Crowdfund portal or custodian in crowdfunding.
  • Crowdfund portal must do a SEC bad actors check on all principals of the issuer ahead of a posting.
  • Covered securities should be filed with the state of incorporation of the issue and the state where more than 50% of the capital was raised, if applicable.
  • State securities commissions will have jurisdiction to investigate and bring enforcement action with respect to fraud, deceit or unlawful conduct.
  • Employees of the Crowdfund portal are prohibited from investing in offerings made through the portal or to have any financial interest in the companies posting offerings through the portal.
  • Costs of the offering must be disclosed.
  • All rights of investors must be posted.
  • Risks to the investor must be disclosed.
  • The Crowdfund portal needs to take steps to ensure the investor has the sophistication to understand the risks associated with this class of investment.

Cal-X Self Chosen Additional Requirements for Offering Postings on our future (pending bills becoming law) Cal-X Crowfund Site

  • All firms must have a social good purpose as determined through an application process. Reviewed by a Cal-X panel.
  • All firms must have at least one endorsing investor with experience in the field in question, that has done due diligence on the company prior to posting with us. The endorsing investor must agree to be identified as such with their photo and reputation posted alongside the issuer profile.
  • All firms must agree to run their business plan through the Cal-X EquityNet Probability of Survival index scoring system. Any firms with less than 50% probability of survival score are not eligible to be posted with us. Potential investors will be given full access to this report.
  • All firms must submit a pitch video for grading. Only firms with a pitch score greater than 50% (after mentoring sessions) will be permitted to list on our Cal-X Crowdfund site.
  • All firms must submit to a test of “fire and in the belly” and ability to handle critics session with a Cal-X panel or a designated startup incubator or service provider. Only firms scoring higher than 50% will be permitted to be listed on our Cal-X Crowdfund site.
  • All firms must agree to hold a minimum of two hours of open unfiltered questions from investors to their CEO and CFO every quarter and to record those sessions and post them on our web site and/or their web site.
  • All firms must agree to have their board of directors elected by true open democratic voting by shareholders.
  • All firms must agree to self audit for equal pay for equal work for women and minorities.
  • All firms must agree to participate when held in their city local Cal-X Chapter meetings (maximum of once per year) where investors can meet the entrepreneurs in person.
  • All firms must agree to enter into our independent 3rd party financial writers and coach mentors ranking poll.

CalX Regulatory Compliance Summary – Click Here

Raise Funds for Struggling Scientists

“Vision inspires evangelists, and evangelists are they key players in turning ideas into successful innovations”  Steve Jobs

Cal-X The California Stock Exchange – the first conscious capitalism stock exchange.  

“In every man’s and woman’s life there is a defining moment.  It is a brief intersection of circumstances and choices that define a persons life for better or worse, the chance to do something that really matters in a big way.  THIS is a noble cause.  THIS is a grand ambition.  The California Stock Exchange can be transformational to society.  It is capitalism re-booted with love. In a world where most people are not “engaged and loving” the work they do for a good portion of their days Cal-X offers true hope with a clear workable plan.  The same is true regarding the lack of feel good factor in investing today.  Investment in people is a human process of people helping people and we wish to bring back the humanization.  People investing in people should be thanked by people not a bank statement with numbers only.  By bringing Cal-X forward, the first ever conscious capitalism stock exchange, we have have a grand purpose.  We have the opportunity to move and inspire millions.  To elevate a “feel good” sense for the good side of capitalism is an enormous contribution to humanity.  By setting this course we are challenging all around us with this purpose.  We are setting a great expectation, one of the greatest ever set in history.  If we work hard and continue to get the message out this great expectation can become a self fulfilling prophecy.  People will rise to support Cal-X because they want to feel something.  They want to be moved and inspired. They want to have something they can truly believe in.  This is it.  Anything is possible when a TEAM of committed individuals are inspired by a grand cause.   There are no grander purposes than this one – to bring heart, love and good into work.  To match good return on investment with good deeds well done.  With this kind of greater than grand noble purpose we can inspire the sacrifice, stimulate the innovation and encourage the perseverance necessary to transform great talent into one of the most exceptional accomplishments of all time.  This is an opportunity of not just a lifetime but of many lifetimes.”

-Howard J. Leonhardt, Founder, The California Stock Exchange

“True innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”  Steve Jobs

“You can have the most innovative idea in the world, but if you cannot get people excited about it, your innovation doesn’t matter.”  Steve Jobs

“Sell dreams not products.”  Steve Jobs

The California Stock Xchange is preparing to file an application with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to become a full-fledged stock exchange featuring primarily B-Lab-certified companies that follow a conscious-capitalism model. Among the many features of this planned stock exchange are: no day trading; no short trading; high levels of transparency, with monthly shareholder meetings and no filter on shareholder questions; an emphasis on promoting local investing; a holistic, comprehensive research analysis of all companies from multiple sources; endorsing investors required; index-fund-type investment tools to spread risk for investors; a nurturing support system for listed companies; and many opportunities for investors and potential investors to meet company management face-to-face, in person.
“The California Stock Xchange mission is based on the principle that following conscious-capitalism tenets of treating people well and having a sense of purpose will attract and retain the best talent, thereby leading to more innovation, happier repeat customers, and steady profitability growth and return to investors,” asserts Howard J. Leonhardt, founder of Cal-X and Leonhardt Ventures. “We believe that doing good is not just important for good’s sake, it is also good business. This is a departure from Wall Street’s overriding emphasis on short-term, net-profit postings that are often achieved at the expense of cutting research and development, employee pay and benefits, and commitment to long-term purpose, suppliers, and the community. We feel that investing in companies with a sense of purpose and care for people and community will be less of a roller-coaster ride for investors. We are setting out to prove this with solid supporting data over time. Companies and investors that believe in these principles will now have a home marketplace.”

Cal-X The CALIFORNIA STOCK EXCHANGE – www.calstockexchange.com Is in early process of registering with the SEC to be the first conscious capitalism stock exchange emphasizing local investing and comprehensive holistic research analysis of companies.  Aspiration to be amongst the three leading stock exchanges in the history of the United States.  No day trading.  No short trading.  Limited trading windows.  High level of transparency.  Mandatory open monthly or quarterly shareholder meetings via internet TV without scripts or pre-loaded questions.  CEO and CFO participation openly and mandatory in daily message board communications.  Expected to be home of $8 million to $100 million IPOs of growing companies with a minimum of $20 million in revenues.
Cal-X Crowdfund Connectwww.calxcrowdfund.com Is committed to be the premier equity crowdfunding portal and service provider in California teamed with EquityNet +Crowdfunder.com and others.  We are leaders in California Qualification by Permit $5 million offerings and expanded 506D offerings of up to $50 million teamed with the registered selected registered broker dealers and Methvenlaw.  Far more than just an ordinary crowdfunding portal we comprehensively nurture companies in every aspect of growth.
Cal-Xelerator – “Create to great in 108″ www.calxelerator.com is a 108 day startup launch business accelerator located at ROC Santa Monica for life science, tech, women owned and social good enterprises.
Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, Inc.www.calxstars.com Is a 5 year business accelerator and venture fund portfolio focused on life science (stem cell & cardiovascular focus) and social good enterprises.
Cal-X Funders Clubhttp://www.calstockexchange.com/cal-x-funders-club/ – Accredited investor only angel network for investing in Cal-X vetted startups through single purpose vehicle LLCs.  A program is in place to follow smart money into investments.
Cal-X Business Development Corporation – Early stages of registering to be a publicly traded fund for investing in early stage businesses with an emphasis on cardiovascular life sciences and women owned social good impact enterprises.
Cal-X Microloanshttp://www.calstockexchange.com/calx-microloan-program/ – Microloan programs for small businesses teamed with ZimpleMoney, Lendio and Kiva.


What We Do

We deliver crowdfunding success.
No matter if your raise is for equity, rewards, debt or donations, you need to reach the correct audience with compelling content that engages, inspires and drives investment.
Our four step process is simple.

You’re doing a financing. You want a positive result. You need a plan. We learn about your company, your products and services, and what you want to accomplish. We develop messaging that will drive interest in your company and your financing. We collaborate with you to develop the most effective marketing plan within your budget.

Successful crowdfunding campaigns begin months before they are formally posted on a crowdfunding portal. So your marketing ramp-up could begin 3-6 months prior to your financing event. We build your company’s visibility in the press, on social media platforms, and on blogs that focus on your industry. We create premium content for you that appears on your blog, Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. We build connections with potential investors and other interested folks. We also use this time to create your crowdfunding campaign’s video, marketing copy, press release, and graphical presentations that will appear on your crowdfunding portal page. Finally, a crowdfunding portal is selected – one that has an audience of investors that are likely to be interested in investing in your company.

At launch, we leverage our social media network, advertising and PR resources to get the word out that your new financing opportunity is now available for a limited time. We track portal traffic, follow-up on questions from prospective investors, and invite everyone to review your materials and invest in your company.
Your portal page will be updated several times during the campaign and these updates will serve to sustain interest in your offering. By the end of the campaign, if all goes according to plan, you will have a successful crowdfunding event.

The campaign is over, the funds are in the bank, but there’s still work to be done. If you offered prizes or gifts to investors, we pack ‘em and ship ‘em. You now have a bunch of excited investors who are stakeholders in your company. They are rooting for your success, and they need your attention. We provide you with investor relations services designed for crowdfunding investors. We also continue to get the word out about your newly-funded company in the press, and all social media networks.